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HCE-C305R Active View™ Rear Camera System




Ultra-wide viewing angle (horizontal 190°, vertical 155°), multi-view camera with mounting kit

Active obstacle warning system that detects moving objects such as pedestrians and vehicles

Visual and audible driver warning

4 viewing modes: corner, ground, panorama, or rear-view

Multi-color parking guidelines (fixed): Red, yellow, and green

Includes control switch, external warning tone generator and black-box

Automatic Image Adjustment: Automatically adjusts meter and white balance

Mirror image (NTSC), 16:9 image output for wide-screen displays

Includes direct Alpine head unit camera connection and universal RCA connectivity

Active Alert Detection


Know when your vehicle is approaching objects that pose a potential danger when backing up. Active Alert Detection uses a series of detection boxes and audio alerts to inform you of upcoming objects within range of the system. Its sophisticated internal processing system automatically alerts you when it detects a potential threat, protecting you while you back up.


Multiple Views


Concerned about enough viewable back-up coverage? The HCE-C305R has 4 views to select from: Panorama, Ground, Rear, or Corner View to help guide in hard-to-see situations.


A Simple, Clean Add-On


For a clean and simple look the HCE-C305R bolts right in Alpine’s KTX-C10LP, License Plate Mounting Kit for a well-integrated factory look. The HCE-C305R System is compatible with either a universal composite video reverse camera input, or with the direct camera input on select Alpine head units. And, there’s no need to add additional sensors to your car since the camera does all the work.


Included Accessories


(x1) Active Alert Module

(x1) Rearview camera

(x1) Camera mounting bracket

(x2) Hex camera mounting screws

(x1) Hexagon wrench

(x1) 8 meter camera extension cable

(x1) Waterproof mounting pad

(x1) Waterproof pad adhesive

(x5) Wire clamps

(x4) Self-tapping mounting screws

(x1) Mode Select Switch

(x1) Tone Generator

(x1) Calibration Sheet



Power Requirements: 14.4V DC (11 to 16V allowable)

Ground Type: Negative ground type

Output Image: Mirror image, CVBS (NTSC Color signal system)

Image Sensor: 1/4 Type Color CCD image sensor. aspect ratio 4:3

Effective Number of Pixels: 640 (horizontal) x 480 (vertical) approximately 0.3 Megapixels

Lens Section: Focal length f=0.8mm, brightness F=2.6

Angle of field: Horizontal: 190º Vertical: 155º

Automatic image adjusting function: Automatic metering and white balance adjustment

Synchro-System: Internal synchronization

S/N: 40dB or more

Resolution (horizontal): 250 TV lines (center area)

Illumination Range: 1.5 to 100,000 lx

Operating Temperature Range: -22 to +158F (-30 to +70ºC)

Storage Temperature Range: -32 to 181F (-40 to +85ºC)

External Dimensions (WxHxD): Camera section: 21 x 21 x 23.8mm (0.83” x 0.83” x 0.94”) (except projection on rear)

Weight: Camera section: 30g (including the cable)


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